Key Benefits

Increased online sales.

More productivity for your staff. Customers do their search/research online and then buy or contact your consultants to close the sale.

Ability to display airlines’ best available fares and, through Agency Control Panel, to apply discounts or markups based on several criteria filters.

Only those flights that are actually available will be presented to the customer.

Scalable and extensible architecture.

Use of leading edge technology, including .NET and RDMS, provides more options for customization.

The Flight Engine (TFE) can adapt to your existing business identity and it can be delivered within a very short time frame.

Use of hits on Sabre is very efficient, thus reducing use of resources and inefficient hits.

Key Features

B2B (Consolidators to Retailers or Retailers who have special arrangements with Airlines to other Retailers)

Look to Book Ratio

Contacts with the Host system (sessions) use intelligent and synchronized requests to streamline the booking process.

Flexible and Intuitive

Intelligent drop-down menus, calendar, routings, adult / child / infant combinations, One-ways, Returns, Open-Jaws and/or Multi-segment searches.
A new side-by-side sliding “Menu of Flight and Itinerary options”, allows user to select outbound and inbound combination of itineraries. Ability to modify selections before confirmation of booking.

Last Seat Availability

The customer is presented with what is actually available.

Forward + Backward Date Search

Under certain conditions, controlled by the Agency, Calendar searches of +/- 3 days will offer the best available in a grid of 49 matrix cells. Combinable 7 outbound and 7 inbound dates.

Flexible Fare Selection

All available flights are returned and all available best fares presented.
Returns, One-ways, Open-Jaws and Multi-segment searches are processed without the user having to tell the system what type of trip is considered. This is done by just adding (and removing) segments for the Search.

Customer Registration and Profile (Only on B2B Product)

The customer is only required to enter personal details once.

Manage Bookings

Ability for user agencies to display all recent bookings (made within last year).
Ability for booking agent to cancel PNR (if done within BSP rules).

Confirmation of Reservation

Confirmation Page –last step in booking process.

Internal Fares Database

Facilitates web-only/net fares Facilitates discounts on fares. Option to identify Service charge; Fuel Surcharge; Taxes, etc.


Easy to integrate with Travel Agent’s existing website.

Hosts Systems

The Flight Engine (TFE) operates with world’s leading GDS, Sabre, using SWS (Sabre Web Services).

Total Solution

TFE can be hosted by the client or by TTC.