Features & Benefits

Key Features

TFE offers wide range of features to the travel companies

• B2B (Consolidators to Retailers or Retailers who have special arrangements with Airlines to other Retailers)

  • Look to Book Ratio

    Contacts with the Host system (sessions) use intelligent and synchronized requests to streamline the booking process.

  • Flexible and Intuitive

    Intelligent drop-down menus, calendar, routings, adult/child/infant combinations, One-ways, Returns, OpenJaws and/or Multi-segment searches.

    A new side-by-side sliding “Menu of Flight and Itinerary options”, allows user to select outbound and inbound combination of itineraries. Ability to modify selections before confirmation of booking.

  • Last Seat Availability

    The customer is presented with what is actually available

  • Forward + Backward Date Search

    Under certain conditions, controlled by the Agency, Calendar searches of +/- 3 days will offer the best available in a grid of 49 matrix cells. Combinable 7 outbound and 7 inbound dates.

  • Flexible Fare Selection

    All available flights are returned and all available best fares presented

    Returns, One-ways, Open-Jaws and Multi-segment searches are processed without the user having to tell the system what type of trip is considered. This is done by just adding (and removing) segments for the Search.

  • Customer Registration and Profile (Only on B2B Product)

    The customer is only required to enter personal details once.

    The customer can change their profile online.

  • Manage Bookings

    Ability for user agencies to display all recent bookings (made within last year).

    Ability for booking agent to cancel PNR (if done within BSP rules).

  • Confirmation of Reservation

    Confirmation Page –last step in booking process


  • Internal Fares Database

    Facilitates web-only/net fares

    Facilitates discounts on fares.

    Option to identify Service charge; Fuel Surcharge; Taxes, etc

  • Ticketing

    IATA format e-Ticketing

  • Localization

    Easy to integrate with Travel Agent’s existing website.

  • Hosts Systems

    The Flight Engine (TFE) operates with world’s leading GDS, Sabre, using SWS (Sabre Web Services).

  • Total Solution

    TFE can be hosted by the client or by TTC.

Key Benefits

  • Increased online sales

  • More productivity for your staff. Customers do their search/research online and then buy or contact your consultants to close the sale.

  • Ability to display airlines’ best available fares and, through Agency Control Panel, to apply discounts or markups based on several criteria filters.

  • Only those flights that are actually available will be presented to the customer.

  • Scalable and extensible architecture

  • Use of leading edge technology, including .NET and RDMS, provides more options for customization.

  • The Flight Engine (TFE) can adapt to your existing business identity and it can be delivered within a very short time frame

  • Use of hits on Sabre is very efficient, thus reducing use of resources and inefficient hits.

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